About us

Fourth and Church

Restaurant | Wine

We are a neighbourhood restaurant with the best wine and aperitivo welcome. we offer seasonal explosive dishes and small plates.

Our shelves are heaving with an extensive selection of wines sourced from our favourite small producers and merchants. We favour wines that may not be ‘everyday’ to some, but have a point of interest to us but more importantly we love to drink, particularly from winemakers who care deeply about their vines, the land they work and the wine they produce.

Come in and ask us for recommendations; something for dinner, what are you eating, flavour is important! Buying someone a gift? What do they like? Celebrating or just a night in with your feet up, why not try something a bit different?

If you don't fancy lingering in our Hove shop, we constantly update our online shop, take a look and organise a speedy ‘in and out’ click and collect order.

Specialising in Sherry, specialty and rare wines we love to share our expertise. We have a passion for Sherry and its amazing capability of pairing with food, we always have different bottles open and love to share if you fancy exploring this exciting category.

In our restaurant and at the bar we have an ever changing list of wines, Sherries and cocktails

So many by the glass or you can take a look at our wines straight from the shelves, all individually priced.

Start with a vermouth based aperitif or a recommended glass of something sparkling, then dive into our menu and enjoy a selection of small plates, something from the Konro grill or a board of stunning Italian Charcuterie or British artisan cheese with a glass or two of something brilliant.