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Fourth and Church

Alexander Jules, Amontillado , 3/10

Alexander Jules, Amontillado , 3/10

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Young and lively nose with salinity and nuttiness running through to the palate. Traces of cinnamon salted caramel and butter on the finish. 

Country: Spain Region: Jerez Grape: Palomino

ABV: 18.5% Bottle Size: 375ml Natural

Additional Information: From bodegas Juan Piñero in Sanlúcar, this wine was drawn at an interim stage from three butts from two five-butts, from where the name originates. The solera is refreshed with mosto from the local Pago Hornillo, and the wine has an average age of 18 years yet has still retained its freshness. It was bottled with the absolute minimum of stabilisation.

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