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Blank Bottle Jah Bru 2021

Blank Bottle Jah Bru 2021

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Fresh crisp red and black berries both on the nose and palate. Layers of dark chocolate and minerality. A fresh, elegant and complex wine. 

Country: South Africa Region: Stellenbosch  Grapes: Malbec

ABV: 14%  Bottle Size: 75cl  Sustainable Farming, Vegetarian, Vegan

Additional Information: Rebel winemaker Pieter Walser started Blank Bottle in 2003, his ethos is to produce quality wines and for people to approach his wines without prejudice and preconceived ideas on area, grape or vintage. It is for this reason that there are never any grape varieties on his labels, to prevent people judging the book by its cover. Pieter began Blank Bottle blending and bottling himself with wine from other producers. In 2012 he started to buy grapes and make the wines himself; regularly discovering grapes by driving thousands of miles during harvest time to pick at the perfect ripeness. The small batches enable him to swiftly transport the grapes back to the winery and experiment. 

Each year Pieter buys from around 60 vineyards covering approximately 30 varieties. Blank Bottle produces 30 vintages per year with outputs vary widely with production of some wines being a few thousand bottles and some a mere few hundred, many are never repeated again, even wines that he has produced previously will have a unique blend that vintage. All bottles are unique to each wine and the labels are handmade by either Pieter or his children.

Named after the winery owner who tends to answer the phone with Jaaaa Bru?”, South African slang for “Yes, my brother?”, Grapes from the side of the Helderberg Mountain facing Stellenbosch. De- stemmed and fermented, aged in old French Oak barrels for less than a year.  The label takes its inspiration directly from the Afrikaans words of  “Mal”  (crazy)  and ‘Bek’ (mouth).

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