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Caveau Du Val D’Amour, Sylvain Jaquot, Savignan 2018, Jura

Caveau Du Val D’Amour, Sylvain Jaquot, Savignan 2018, Jura

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Full on oxidative Savagnin from Jura, six years and three months is the minimum time for a Savagnin under ‘veil’ to qualify for the vin jaune designation.
Here, Sylvain ages the wine for 5 years under a 'veil' in a humid cellar to produce a wine that will not lack that Jaune/ yellow taste.
Notes of citrus, oil, ash, petrol, toasted nuts and apple juice.
There is a perfect balance between power and aromatic finesse for a long and flavorful finish.

Country: France Region: Jura Grape: Savagnin
ABV: 13.5.% Bottle Size: 75cl

Additional Information:
Ideal for after diner or a hard-cheese board.
Can be enjoyed by opening it the day before and will sit for decades in the cellar!
A wine to savour, to sit with and contemplate and will likely keep for a few sittings if stored properly once opened.

Caveau Val d'Amore is a small domain in the Jura region of France. Their wines are full of depth and soul, and the reds represent an underlying ''earthyness' we really appreciate. Their whites can feature excellent use of oxidative techniques
Sylvain Jacquot tends just 1.5ha of vineyards around Arbois, farming a cluster of organic, old-vine plots (between 40- and 100-years-old) he inherited from his father. Sylvain uses the region's traditional grape varieties – Chardonnay and Savagnin for whites and Pinot Noir, Poulsard, and Trousseau for his reds – to craft a spectrum of wine styles.

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