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Domaine Desire Petit, Savagnin 2014

Domaine Desire Petit, Savagnin 2014

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This is a really complex wine, a bright golden colour which announces the power of the aromas of the terroir. Dried walnuts mixed with green apples on the nose, long lasting and harmonious on the palate. 

Country: France Region: Jura

ABV: 14% Bottle Size: 750ml Vegetarian, Vegan, Sustainable

Additional Information: Winemaker Damien Petit measures the extent of oxidation twice a year to monitor the development of aromatics in the wine. He then allows the wine to age for up to 4 years (as opposed to the 6 years and 3 months required for vin jaune) before bottling.

A really good match with spiced dishes, especially cream based curries.

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