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Dönnhoff Felsenberg Felsenturmchen, GG 2021

Dönnhoff Felsenberg Felsenturmchen, GG 2021

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A great dry Riesling, fresh with pure and bright flintiness on the nose, the palate is full and very complex, dense in the mouth, salty and lemon zest, displaying a smoky crystalised minerality with a flinty character and a superbly long finish.
Hermann Donnhoff described it as unmistakably Felsenberg.

Country: Germany Region: Nahe Grape: Riesling
ABV: 13% Bottle Size: 750ml

Additional Information:
From one of Germany's Great GG (the equivalent of Grand Cru) sites.
25 to 35-year-old vines grow under extreme conditions in volcanic soils.
Nestled on a steep southern slope, this ancient and renowned site offers a stunning view of the volcanic landscape. The vines endure harsh conditions in the rocky soil, which warms up quickly in the sun and gives rise to distinctive Rieslings. These wines are celebrated for their lively fruitiness, crisp acidity, and flinty aromas that reflect the mineral richness of the land. In the heart of this extraordinary vineyard stands Felsenturmchen (“small rock tower”), a symbol of Donnhoff's dedication and passion. The Felsenberg wines are the result of a meticulous selection process that captures the essence of this unique terroir. They are dry, complex, and smoky, with a flinty character that is unmistakably Felsenberg.

Drink 2023 to 2060
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