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Jean Stodden 'Flutedition' (Flood Edition) Mixed Wooden Collection Case

Jean Stodden 'Flutedition' (Flood Edition) Mixed Wooden Collection Case

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Jean Stodden is one of the top producers of Pinot Noir in the world and have been making wine since 1578. Only 3% of their nine hectares are old vine Riesling.

In the most Northern Part of Germany the 560 hectares of the Jean Stodden estate are across three mountain vineyards; Recher Herrenberg, Dernauer Hardtberg and Ahrweiler Rosenthal. Vines grow on extremely steep slopes that can only be tended by hand with some parcels requiring mountain climbing skills to be reached. Soil is slate. Only 5-6% of his wines are exported outside of Germany.

Following the dramatic floods in 2021, this collection of extremely fine
Spätburgunders was created. Having lost many barrels and vineyards to the devastating floods, the Stodden family vowed to carry on and restore everything back to its former glory. 
This three-bottle case includes 1 bottle of the three wines below and will be available on our website next week.

Jean Stodden Spätburgunder 2020 Pegel 735 Ahr
Pegel is a reference to the water levels that rose during the catastrophic floods back in July 2021, causing enormous damage to the village and winery.
This wine is actually made from vineyards that no longer exist due to the flooding and may never be permitted to be re-planted.
A similar cuvee to Stodden's Spätburgunder JS, a blend of two sites, one that is in close proximity to the Ahr river and the other situated in the lower part of Rech. 
This is all bright wild red berry fruits, red cherries and a touch of spice. The wine has a juiciness and beautiful concentration that are balanced perfectly with the wine's powdery tannins. 

Jean Stodden Spätburgunder, 'Rescued by H.O. Spanier' 2020 Ahr
Dedicated to the Rheinhessen winemaker Hans Oliver Spanier who jumped into action, rolled his sleeves up and helped Alexander to taste through the unnamed barrels that were rescued from the winery post-flood. He quality assessed them, and although originally destined for a basic cuvée, Hans realised its potential and premium quality that stood out post tastings.
Delicious notes of smoky bacon fat and spice leap from the glass, darker cherry and ripe red berry fruits run through the core with a density and a concentration beautifully balanced with crisp acidity and chalky tannins.

2020 Spätburgunder,  'Alexander Die Grossen', Jean Stodden, Ahr
Comparable in quality to the Grosse Gewächs Spätburgunders from Jean Stodden. Spiciness of Krauterberg, the creaminess of Sonnenberg and a minerality and complexity that you look to Herrenberg and Mönchberg. A nose of red fruits, extremely perfumed, wild strawberries, aromatic tea and a delicious spiciness. The tannins are tight-knit and there is great tension on the core thanks to the crisp acidity and silky palate. 
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