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Scarpa Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry-Superiore

Scarpa Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry-Superiore

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The Extra Dry version is not filtered nor stabilized: it retains a typical sheer appearance and the unmistakable bitter taste of Vermouths produced at the beginning of the century. The ‘Unfiltered’ is what it says on the bottle, crisp grapefruit and gentian, it puts the ‘dirty’ in a dirty martini.

Country: Italy Region: Piedmont
ABV: 18% Bottle size: 75cl Vegan

Additional Information: Scarpa boasts 30 hectares of vineyards with a rich heritage around the estate of Poderi Bricchi, on the border between the hills of Asti and Acqui Terme next to the Tanaro River.
Launched by Antonio Scarpa in the 1920s, vermouth production at Scarpa ceased in the 1970s until Michael vowed to bring it back, with a new, world’s first unfiltered extra dry added to the armoury. Following Piedmontese liqueur tradition dating back to the 1900s, 20% of the base wine is made of Moscato d’Asti DOCG, with the addition of a particular infusion of local bitter herbs. The process of infusion, as well as the 40 herbs present, are part of the founder’s personal recipe and is carried out at ambient temperatures over an extended period to really concentrate the botanicals.
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