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Valdespino, Don Gonzalo, Oloroso VOS

Valdespino, Don Gonzalo, Oloroso VOS

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Caramel on the nose, toasted hazelnuts, smokey notes with coffee and hints of orange zest. Intense in the mouth, dry with dark chocolate, clove, cedar and walnuts. Bright acidity and a long finish. 

Country: Spain  Region: Jerez Grape: Palomino

ABV: 21%  Bottle Size: 500ml Vegan, Vegetarian

Additional Information: The world renowned Bodega Valdespino is one of the oldest bodegas in Jérez, founded in 1264 when King Alfonso X gave Don Alfonso Valdespino land in Jérez.  Don Alfonso was one of 24 Christian knights who fought to regain the Jérez from the Moors. Commercial activities are thought to date as far back as 1430 but the company was only formed in 1875. In 1999, Valdespino was bought by  Grupo Bodeguero Estévez.

Average age of 20-25 years, Valdespino run two parallel Oloroso soleras, one lightly sweetened (Solera 1842) and the other one virtually dry (Don Gonzalo), historically a tiny amount of Pedro Ximénez was added however it is virtually undetectable. Palomino grapes from the white ‘albariza’ soil of the Carrascal and Macharnudo areas.

Pair with hard cheeses.

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