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Vignetti Walter Massa, Bigolla 2009

Vignetti Walter Massa, Bigolla 2009

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Tasting Note: 100% Barbera, Wild berries, blackberries, silty tannins, velvet, soft texture, long, spice, tobacco. Monleale is a blend from vineyards outside Walter`s home town. Bigolla is from a single vineyard barely bigger than a hectare.

Country: Italy Region: Piemonte ABV: 14.5%   Bottle Size: 75cl

Sustainable viticulture  YES

Additional Information: Walter Massa is the Master of Barbera, he has been producing wine in the hills around Tortona (Colli Tortonesi) in Eastern Piedmont since 1978. Discussion of his red wine production is often overshadowed by the chat around his extraordinary and rare white wines. As Massa himself writes, ‘I consider Timorasso to be on a par with the other vines I cultivate.’ So his reds are just as worthy of attention and although the Barbera grape is somewhat less rare in the Piedmont region, his wines are distinctive and delicious.
The Bigolla is an extremely fresh Piedmontese red with its many complex and organoleptic notes: its Barbera native grapes give it a pleasant floral and fruity aroma to elegantly accompany dishes of the local culinary tradition. With opulent black fruit, this is not your typical Barbera. An elegant wine with a beautiful balance of acidity, lush fruit and floral notes.

A wine to be considered in combination with big flavours  and structured main courses or at the end of a meal with very aged cheeses.

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